Diane M. Johnson - author & screenwriter


Autumn Blood
Bad Apples don't fall far from the tree... As a social worker tries to shield his sociopath mother's murderous crimes from the rest of the world, he finds his own moral ground tested by an abused and pregnant teen who has fallen in love with him.

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Perfect Prophet
Devil Rocker Alec never envisioned himself as a messenger from God after he miraculously survived a bullet to the heart. But one fan does... When a reckless antichristian rocker, who abandoned the faith long ago, discovers his ability as a hands on healer, his satanic fan base targets him and his family to prevent him from spreading the word.

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The Saga of Ben and Casey
A shy teen faces her first job at a truckstop diner where employees sacrifice their dreams for a living. When she anonymously writes adventures about a sexy, brazen heroine named Casey, the employees take steps in their own lives to realize those forgotten dreams.

The Schoharie
A volunteer firefighter of Native American decent must convince a small town sheriff with a grudge that a vengeful Indian spirit is bent on destroying their town using the flood waters of a nearby creek. Inspired by real events.

Find an excerpt at www.winningscripts.com

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