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Welcome to my Web site! Here you can find a little bit about me and about the work that I do.

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My last update mentioned what I was previously working on, which was a comedy spec for the TV show Parks and Recreation. I'm happy to say that I completed the spec, entered it in the WB Writers Workshop and prayed like the devil that the show wouldn't get cancelled in order to keep the spec relevant. That was in April. Now here it is, September and Parks and Recreation has been confirmed to be renewed for one more season. Unfortunately, my spec C'est La Vie got a pass from the workshop program. But hey, I wrote a spec that was out of my comfort zone, and I'm still proud of the effort. Upcoming writers, please check out the workshop. It may be highly competitive, but if you are chosen for the program it will be a once in a lifetime open door.

In other news! One more short script submitted to Shriekfest this year, and one more competition placement. Roadside Picnic, a horror short about a truck driver who picks up a hitch hiker on the anniversary of the girl's mother's roadside murder, was selected as a semi-finalist. In 2013 I was a finalist for my feature 
A Good Soul (shown below) and for my short PWNED  in 2011. The 14th Annual Shriekfest Festival runs from October 2-5 this year in Los Angeles and has been recently featured as one of the best horror film festivals for the money by The Huffington Post.

What am I working on now? A RomCom fantasy that started as a short but seems to be developing into a feature. Wish me luck!

So, that's the news! Good luck to everyone, and writers? Keep writing!

Check out www.winningscripts.com for a list of my competition winning script excerpts

Shriekfest is a fantastic annual festival that is run by Denise Gossett, who has dedicated 14 years to showcasing up and coming talent in the independent horror genre. Please check it out if you are a fan of any style of horror.

 Another festival to keep in your radar is the Big Bear Lakes Festival. As a reader for their competition, I highly recommend this one as well.  

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